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Are You Concierge?

If by concierge you mean serving only the wealthy, then No. Folks of all walks of life turn to Careborne for an alternative to overpriced and impersonal "big-box" healthcare.


Are you an “alternative” medical practice?

We prefer to think of our business model as an alternative to “assembly-line” medicine, not to good old-fashioned medical care. While we do offer many complimentary modalities (such as acupuncture and electrotherapies), we find that many of our patients have pretty “traditional” needs: a medication prescription, an injection, or a dressing change.


How do I pay?

We have elected not to take any type of health insurance, except Direct Medicare. That said, if you request, we will provide a Super Bill to submit to your insurance plan for payment. Of course, any medications, laboratory, or diagnostic studies that we may order are usually covered under your health policy.


How far will you travel?

Within 15 miles of 33701. This radius covers many parts of Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties. We even have patients from Sarasota.


What type of health care provider will see me?

Prior to scheduling a visit, we will definitely let you know the name and credentials of your provider. Depending on your needs and our availability, a physician, nurse practitioner, or therapist may see you. All providers are licensed and insured. They "go Careborne" in their spare time because they enjoy seeing patients at a slower pace, getting to know them as people rather than their medical diagnoses. After the visit, you are welcome to email or text them directly with a quick question.


Do you also have a physical office?

We do. It's a small space in downtown St. Pete. Nothing fansy ... but patients seem to like it.


Are there any hidden fees?

We are absolutely committed to transparency! Our Appointment Fee covers a visit and a prescription (if medically indicated) of one to three routine non-controlled medications. All other charges (for testing, injections, procedures, etc.) are always discussed upfront and can be reviewed on this website. You will never receive any surprise bill from us!


Can you give me a shot?

Administering medications is our specialty, so to speak! We stock many injectable (and nebulized) medications, such as antibiotics, pain medications, vitamins, and steroids.


Do you prescribe pain meds?

Yes and No. We are quite conservative when it comes to opioid/pain medications: we prescribe them in FEW select situations, in VERY limited amounts, and ONLY short-term (several days). If you suffer from a condition that requires continuous treatment with large doses of these medications, we would not be able to help you. For migraine and other chronic pain conditions, we offer acupuncture and topical compounded medications.


What about mental health? Depression? Anxiety? Insomnia? ADHD?

We are comfortable prescribing non-controlled medications. On the other hand, we have a rather rigid view on using sedative medications (Xanax, Valium, Ambien, etc.) outside of specialty care. As far as ADHD meds go, we can only provide a short-term emergency “bridge” of up to seven days. We do offer acupuncture and acupuncture point injection – both happen to work wonders for a variety of stress-related issues.


Can you order diagnostic and laboratory tests?

We can arrange for many low-cost diagnostic and laboratory tests through local facilities.


Do I need to pay for another visit to get my test results?

Most traditional practices make you do exactly that. We don't. Your health information belongs to you! Once the results become available (usually in a matter of days), we will contact you. A copy of your test results with our recommendations will be forwarded to your email – FREE. Of course, if your tests require a more in-depth discussion, a tele-visit may be required.


Will you refill my meds after the visit?

As a rule, No. A prescription is a one-time thing. If your illness does not get better in a couple of days, we may, in some circumstances, call in additional medications. On the other hand, if your medication request falls outside of the reason for the original visit (the disease process) or a time limit of 1 week, a new visit (either in person or via tele) will be required.


Do you guarantee a prescription?

We can’t. Medications are prescribed only when, in our judgment, there is a medical indication. We do not prescribe medications for performance enhancing, recreational use, or any other non-therapeutic reasons. That said, during the initial phone screening, we usually can give you a pretty accurate estimate of a) whether we will be able to help, and b) what your costs will be.


If things don't work out, can I get my money back?

No. Medicine is an inherently unpredictable and inexact endeavor. While our providers try their best, you may not get well fast enough, not improve at all, or in some very rare instances get worse. The Consultation Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE as it covers the costs of contracting with a provider (basically, his time and expertise) and not the end result, however desirable or not it may be. Providers are not authorized to discuss any financial matters or issue refunds.

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